Indoor Worship
Service Times: Sunday 10:00 a.m.
100 Timothy Drive, Elizabeth, PA 15037 412-751-0511

Indoor Worship

In-person worship has been postponed


Online Worship - Sunday, January 17th – 2nd Sunday after Epiphany

Scripture Lesson – John 1:43-51 – “Come and See”

Music Ministry – “A Simple Song” – Caedon Vogel


Online YouTube service can be accessed on our website and choose the option for Live Stream Series for a list of available dates, the Central Highlands Facebook Page or directly by searching Central Highlands Community United Methodist Church in YouTube.

A special combined meeting of the Church Council and COVID Task Force was held and made the following plans regarding the return of In-Person Worship at Central Highlands.  After much discussion, it was decided that we will plan (as always – plans can change) to return to in-person worship on Sunday, February 7th with two services:  8:30 am and 10:00 am.  The same safety protocols and precautions will be in place; temperature taking, contact tracing attendance, seating, entry and exit protocols and, of course, masks are required.  An online worship option will continue to be available.  The plan is for Council to meet again on January 26th and, at that time, make the final determination on the safety factors and COVID situation in our community.  Please stay tuned! 



Rev. Janet’s ZOOM study – Monday, January 18th @ 7:00 pm.  The study is based on the book CREED: A seven-week Reflection Guide on the Apostle’s Creed.  To order your copy online use the following link:  All are welcome – Call the Church Office for Zoom login information or contact Janet @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Pastor Steve’s Wednesday Bible Study will resume on Wednesday February 3rd @ 10:00 am.  Stay tuned for topic and materials.


Meals on Wheels is in URGENT need of help with all volunteer areas.  Please contact Linda (412) 751-2230 or Suzie (412) 751-0511 if you can help in any way – driver, runner, kitchen help. 

Has someone in your household had surgery and is unable to shop for groceries and prepare meals?  Has there been an illness recently that does not allow for meal preparation?  You may want to consider getting meal deliveries from our Meals on Wheels program.  The price is $4.00 per day per person and a delicious full course hot meal is delivered to your doorstep along with a bag of other items to provide you with all you could eat for the day.  The MOW staff would be happy to set you up on the delivery route – even on a temporary basis while you are recuperating.  You need not get meals every day – you can choose your delivery days.  Contact Linda Way @ 412 751-2230 or call the church office.

Just a reminder to those that are the VANCO online users for your offering – please check your VANCO account to be sure to renew for 2021.  Others, if you would like to begin online giving for 2021, you can find information on our website or phone the church office to get started.  It’s quick and easy.

Jumonville is planning a “Winter Blast Weekend” for ages 12-17.  It will begin on Friday, February 19th at 7:00 pm and end on Sunday, February 21st at 1:00 pm.  They will spend the weekend sled riding, enjoying adventure activities, worshiping together, and many more fun and games!  To sign up go to or call (724) 439-4912 for more information.

Olmsted Manor Retreat Center is sponsoring a Virtual Women’s Retreat:  Paths to Prayer with Rev. Dr. Patricia Brown of SpiritWorks Ministries on January 27th 10:00 am-3:00 pm.  Cost is $25.  “At this virtual retreat, they will consider the many paths to prayer and how you can cultivate prayer practices that deepen your relationship with the divine.  By exploring the faith traditions, prayers, and practices of different cultures through meditation, rituals, art, music and journaling, you will learn how a life of prayer – being in the presence of the Divine – helps you discover God amid the nitty-gritty of everyday living.”  To register for this special event, please call (814) 945-6512 or visit the Olmsted Manor website.

Linda & Terry Vota are announcing the birth of their Granddaughter – Fie James Burda – on January 7th at 3:20 pm.  5 lbs. 5 oz. 18 inches long!  Congratulations to proud parents, Jennifer & Derek and brother Beau and to Linda & Terry! 

Birthday Celebrations this week:  January 15th – Del Morrow,  January 16th – Gavin Stalowski,  January 17th – Jim Leggett,  January 18th – Lois Leggett, January 19th – Nancy Starr, Joe Sparico,  January 20th – Sherri LeDonne, Victoria Scott.  A very Happy Birthday to all!! 

I received two notes of thanks this week in the office:


            I would like to thank everyone for their cards and prayers over the last 5 months.  I have gone through several tests and procedures which have all turned out benign.  God works in awesome ways and answers prayers.


                                                                                    Penny Roemer

Sending Love & Hugs & Thanks to members of Central Highlands and Pastor Steve,

            Thank you all so much for all the cards, food, and prayers you gave us this past year.  We could not have made it without your love and care.  Also, thank you for sending greetings for Jack’s 95th Birthday.  We know God will bless you for all you have done for us and others in our congregation.

                                                                                    Love & Blessings

                                                                                    Mina & Jack Burkett

Please keep the following members & friends and their families in prayer:

  • Our sympathy to Sharon Karnes and family on the death of her sister, Rita Roper.  We pray for Rita’s family and the Karnes family.  Karnes family:  256 Karen Drive, Elizabeth 15037.
  • I received a call this morning that Barb Mayfield is back in Jefferson Hospital.  She is having complications from several different health issues.  Please keep Barb & John in prayer.  946 Elizabeth Street, McKeesport 15133.
  • Lori Wernke has asked for prayer for a friend, Valerie Margie.  Valerie was to undergo brain surgery yesterday to biopsy or remove a tumor.  She has been battling cancer and needs our prayers.
  • Carol Walker is at home recuperating from a fall – broken arm and concussion.  Carol & John could use our prayers.  510 Fallen Timber Rd, Elizabeth 15037.
  • Betty Gronlund has opted to discontinue any further treatments and is being moved to Baldwin Healthcare Center.  Please pray for comfort and peace for Betty. 
  • Tracey reported this week that Clarence is now scheduling his treatments and hopes to begin very soon.  He has consulted with the VA doctors who concur that they should proceed with the planned treatment options.  Please keep the Hobaughs in prayer. 
  • Continued Prayers for our CHCUMC family Frontline Workers.  We hope that many have received the vaccine and others will receive it soon.  We thank them all for their dedication. 

Frontline Workers List

Madison Messina – Giant Eagle Cashier

Greg Messina – Nurse Jefferson Hospital

Lesley Messina – Nurse working from home – Insurance side

Ray Gronlund (and Julie) – PT

Jessie Starr Nelson - PA

Carol Mayfield – PA

Donna Durant – Nurse

Rachelle Scott – PA

Lynda Krol –UPMC support

Kassia Krol – Nurse (doing PA rounds to complete her degree)

Jared Delbianco – Kassia’s Partner – ICU Nurse Presby

Donna Pezel – Nursing Aid – Forbes

Tom & Matt Walter – Keeping their store open

David Zora - CVS Pharmacy in Ohio

Melissa McClain – Nurse

Jan Bruney Armbruster – School Nurse in IL

Jason Sari – ICU Nurse VA Hospital Oakland

Bev James – Dr. Goralczyk’s Office

John & Nancy Corey’s daughter & son-in-law both ICU Nurses in Anchorage, Alaska

Courtney Basic – US Postal Service

Brett Basic – Police Detective, West Mifflin

Colette Hucko – Scheduling & Staffing Administrator, Lowe’s West Mifflin

Ronalee Slavick – Giant Eagle Cashier

Scott Schwirian – Radiology Jefferson Hospital

Kim Schwirian – UPMC insurance authorizations

Kristen Uveges – Jefferson Pain & Rehab

Debra Burkholder – Pediatric Nurse

Jamiee DeSimone – RN/CRNP - AHN

Justin DeSimone – Allegheny County Police Force

MOW Staff and Volunteers

Dean Keller – Dietary Staff UPMC McKeesport

Jonathan Hobaugh – CLASS (formerly United Cerebral Palsey)

Tricia Hobaugh – RN Excela Westmoreland Hospital


Intercessory Prayer List

Prayer & Health Concerns:  Betty Gronlund, Roper/Karnes Family, Barb Mayfield, Jennie Carothers, Carol Walker, Valerie Margie, Alaina (Helen McConnell’s granddaughter), Denise & Kathy & family of Ann, AJ, Annamarie, Donna Pezel, The Morse Family, Knecht Family, Steve Godlewski, Nathan Mayfield, The Street/Cray families, Angie Vitullio, Mike Bill, Gayle Gronlund, Susan Henry, Carlie Stammer & boys, Mary Hobaugh, Hruska Family (Carol Morrow’s brother), Del Morrow, Carol School, Jeff School, Tommy Thomas, Ella Heaton, Colette Hucko, Maryann Shaffer (Nancy Starr’s Mother), Rev. Willard Morse, Becky Hrutkay, Katie Snyir, Kathy Nestler (Sharon Karnes Sister), Family of David’s Co-worker, Seth (Brenda’s nephew), Wayne Sutch (Tony Barr’s friend), Karen Simon, Maryann Pociask, Lexie’s Family (niece of Colette’s friend Maureen), Family of Ann Carlson, Family of Kevin Rolls, Joyce & Joe Newmeyer, Robert Hoffman, Linda Schneider, Dee Peters, Mike Simon, Penny Roemer, Paul Fannin (Booth’s brother-in-law), Mike Vuckovich, Clarence Hobaugh, Marybeth Morris, Vi Huffsmith, Dan Sepesky, Family of Oleva Gainer, Bev Heid and Family, Family of Doug Shaw, Beaner Family, Mike & Joe (friends of Rich J.), Robin Cowell, Ben Hobaugh, Tracy Hobaugh, Joan Wise, Keith Waltower, Sr., P.J. Pociask, Dr. James Brady, Nancy Mihalko, Colleen Kiger, Mina Burkett, Brian Miller, Maggie Weagley, Linda Marett, Darlene Roberts, Vance, Renee Kanski, Rich Jozwiak, Nickolas Pederson, Judy Karg, Paul Kacmarik, Alyssa (Helen McConnell’s granddaughter), Benny Smith (Zora cousin), Yvonne Leggett, Bob Joseph, Diane, Lorraine Stone, Hands of the Carpenter, CH Shepherds, Cathy Drabicki, Doris Magiske, Lorraine Ulrich, Diane McCarty, Rose Roberts, Anna Jean Saccani, Sandy Wrona’s br-in-law Dave, Meals on Wheels program & volunteers, Andrew, Billie Hutson, John Stoner, Angie, Marci, Corey, Mary Anne Smith, Tom Heinrich, Trisha Ten,  Kelli Blaze, Tom Sickle, Phyllis Esch, Beth Malady Kelley, Bob, Vance & Charlene, Bob & Nancy Hoffman, Logan Assi, Marcia Novak, Marcy King, Lois Sheasley, Lori Wernke, Rev. Bill Heaton, Cindy Saxon Abraham, Joanie Mitchell, Marge Andrews, Henry Sproat, Helen McConnell, Sherry Johnson, Clint Blazevich, Emma Knoblock, Anna (Burkett’s Granddaughter), Virginia Kapisak, Claire Bryce, Nancy Shotwell, Bill Ross, Peg Muron, Ellen Gainer, Dorothy Howell, Marge & Milt Smith’s daughter Elizabeth Puharic, Kim Loceff, Bunny Metz, Geraldine Warren, Bob Walter, Jim Wetzler, Gloria Sperhac, Faith Ringbloom, Deborah Schuck

Our homebound, nursing home and care center members:  Marie Custer, Ruth Krise, Lois Davis, Becky Guenther, Faye Puskaric, Michael Bill, June Nock, Emily Moore, Gail Hankins, Carolyn Svec, Ed Gronlund

Those serving in the Military:  Seth Smith, John Anderson, Bryan Bound, Zach Lepley, Frank Coulter, Jared Booth, Joseph Puharic, Christian Painter, Chris McCall, Johnny Summers, Zach Trunzo, Abby Altieri