Indoor Worship
Service Times: Sunday 10:00 a.m. (Summer Schedule)
100 Timothy Drive, Elizabeth, PA 15037 412-751-0511

Indoor Worship

In-person worship returns!

Saturday “LIGHT” Worship July 2nd – 6:00 pm

This week music will be provided by Bethany Morse, French Horn and Pastor Steve

Please join us for a service of music, message, scripture & communion – All are welcome!

Sunday Worship July 3rd – 10:00 am – 4th Sunday after Pentecost - Communion

“The Harvest Is Plentiful” - Scripture Lesson:  Luke 10:1-11, 16-20


Masks are optional for all in person worship.

July 3 Bulletin

  Church Youtube channel

(note: service may take a few days to be public when searching. Use the facebook link or our video list to get to the video soon after the service)


SERVERS - Sunday, July 3rd      

10:00 am

Greeters/Ushers – Carol & Ric Roberts

Attendance – Brenda Roberts

Online YouTube service can be accessed on our website and choose the option for Live Stream Series for a list of available dates, the Central Highlands Facebook Page or directly by searching Central Highlands Community United Methodist Church in YouTube.  



This week at Central Highlands—July 2 – July 10

Saturday 7/2                Saturday “LIGHT” Worship – 6:00 pm

Sunday 7/3                  Sunday Worship—10:00

Monday 7/4                 OFFICE CLOSED-Holiday

Tuesday 7/5                 Audit—Gronlund Team—9:00 am

Wednesday 7/6           Pastor’s Bible Study – 10:00 am

Wednesday 7/6           “Sweet Hour of Prayer” - 6-7 pm

Wednesday 7/6           Trustee Meeting 7:00 pm

Saturday 7/9                Saturday “LIGHT” Worship—6:00 pm

Sunday 7/10                Sunday Worship—10:00 am

Colossians 1:1-14; “Worthy of the Lord”


Pastor’s Bible Study - Wednesday July 6th @ 10:00 am in the Picnic Pavilion.  The group is studying the Gospel of John.  All are welcome to join in!

“Sweet Hour of Prayer” – continues every Wednesday from 6:00-7:00 pm.  Have you always wanted to deepen your prayer life, but find that no matter how hard you try distractions tear you away?  Our sanctuary will be open for silent prayer.  Come for a few minutes or come for the whole hour.  There will be no formal agenda, simply an intentional environment for you to speak to and listen to God without any distractions.  The altar candles will be lit, inviting the Holy Spirit to meet us during this time.  Soft instrumental music will be played.  We ask you to arrive and leave in silence out of respect for others.  A praying church is a powerful church! 

Summer in the Psalms—So many of you have mentioned to Rev. Janet how much you appreciate having a Bible study guide.  Summer is a great time to carve out a few minutes each day to get in touch with God.  Available in the Narthex (will also be included in the Highlander and attached to this weekly email) is a day- by- day guide for reading through all 150 Psalms this summer.  Some days you will read 2 or 3, other days just 1.  The study guide begins on June 1.  And if you get behind, you can simply pick up on another day.  Every Psalm has something to offer and there is a Psalm for every situation you may encounter.  Spend some time this summer with God and your Bible.

The Round Hill Clothes Closet is OPEN.  Cleanout and renovations have been completed.  If you know of anyone in need of seasonal clothing, please let them know about the Clothes Closet.  Jan Gronlund is happy to answer any questions or schedule a shopping time.  The work schedule will resume as previously posted. 

IT’S SUMMER VACATION TIME AND MEALS ON WHEELS can use some substitutes or there is always a place for a permanent volunteer.  You can work in the kitchen, drive, be a runner or a number of other occasional jobs to help out.  If you can volunteer one day a week or one day a month, your help is truly appreciated.  Please call Suzie in the office (412) 751-0511 or Linda with MOW (412) 751-2230.  Our volunteers do not have to be associated with our congregation – maybe you know of a family member or friend that can help.  Please be on the lookout for helpers!

California UMC is looking for students that are entering Penn West (Cal U) or are already a student at Penn West for consideration for a scholarship.  If you have a church member taking classes in the ’22-’23 academic year, please contact the church at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (724) 938-2270.

Birthday Celebrations this week:  July 4 – Sue Nemchick, Cynthia Villella; July 7 – Adelyn & George Sweeney; July 8 – Roy Nock, Sydney Toth; July 9 – Jean Verbanec; July 10 – Mandi LeDonne Caldwell, Lorraine Ulrich.   A very Happy Birthday to all!!

Please keep the following members & friends and their families in prayer:

  • Please pray for our Mission Work Team currently in Philippi, WV.  We pray for traveling mercies, good weather, good health, an accident-free week and Christian fellowship with the ones they serve. 
  • Donna Shultz was re-admitted to Jefferson Hospital last week and since discharged to the Mon Valley Care Center
  • I learned this week that Sarah Zora had a basketball accident last week while volunteering as a camp counselor at Jumonville.  Sarah broke her ankle and has no weight bearing restrictions for three weeks then a few more weeks continuing in a cast.  The good news is no surgery is required.  Prayers for a full recovery.  
  • Pam Havaran is scheduled for surgery on her hip on July 5th – this will be a long recovery process.    Please keep Pam and Frank in prayer.
  • Helen Markus is awaiting surgery to remove a lump on her neck.  The surgery will be in Jefferson Hospital on August 29th.  She is also nursing a foot injury.  Dave Markus is dealing with back issues.  Please keep Helen and Dave in prayer. 
  • A friend of the Chorbas will be undergoing brain surgery on August 2nd.  Please keep Doug and his family in prayer as they prepare for surgery.
  • Continue to pray for the following that have been listed here the past few weeks:
    • Carrie States
    • Matthew McGrail
    • Ron Zanetti
    • Jared Miller
    • William Prescott Family
    • John Walker & Carol
    • Yvonne Harper
    • Ellen Gainer
    • Rev. William & Ella Heaton
  • We pray for traveling mercies for the summer season of vacations and family visits. 
  • Please pray for Ukraine and their people.  Pray for strength and peace. 
  • Please continue to remember the long list of friends and family members mentioned each week during worship.  Please pray for these families and for the doctors and medical personnel caring for each and every one.


Intercessory Prayer List

Prayer & Health Concerns: Donna Shultz, Sarah Zora, Helen Markus, Doug and Family, Nancy Hoffman, Carrie States, Matthew McGrail, Jared Miller, Ron Zanetti, Cheryl Burris, “Chandler”, The William Prescott Family, Yvonne Harper, Bill Gronlund, Mary Ann Pociask, Dennis, Danielle Sippos, Ellen Gainer, Brian Miller, Dee Peters, Patrick Fowler, John Walker, Becky Hrutkay, Darlene Andrews, Pam Havaran, Rev. Bill Heaton, Ella Heaton, Krise Family, Pat Anderson, Gail Hankins, Lorraine   Ulrich, Marie Custer, Del Morrow, Mina Burkett, Sarah Salay, Jim Dumm, Joyce Kennedy, Bonnie Antonelli, Sharon & Cliff Karnes,  Joanne Brassart, Jones/Worrall Family,Vi Huffsmith Family, Jean Bickerton, Mike Vuckovich, Peg Muron, Bob Walter, Sophia, The David Wislowsky Family, Ron Ziegler, Lloyd Fink, People of Ukraine, Marcy Matyasovsky, Sandy Williams, Darlene Brown, Sue Trail, Barb Potenziani & Family, Karen, Megan & Family, Angie/Ronalee & Family, Helen McConnell, The Magiske Family, Ray Nemchick, Jan Kostolansky, Emma, The Hoffman/Zora Family, Liz Gronlund, Cheryl Gourley, Linda & Jim Wetzler, Don Poland, Jr., Jim, Jean Bergman, Kathleen, Family of Kelly Moffitt, Hunter Stoycos (Burkett grandson), Bill Ross, Schwirian   Family, Nancy Capane, Ryan & James Brady (Mina B’s family), The Howell/Sturni Family, Jerry Lazar, Paul & Wendy Mackey, Couchenour Family, Nick Przybylek, Henry Sproat, Dick Mayfield, Shirley Shaffer & Family, Fran Barron Family, Jennie Carothers, Debbie Moore, Brenda Roberts & Family, Ken Stalowski, Harriet Hebenthal, The Johnstones, Carol Walker, Chris Cathcart, Kristy Saputo, Pat Lyle, Bobbie Carroll, Judy Laughery, Liam, Erica, Niece Nancy, Donna Carney, Susan Henry, Brian Scott, Ann Bensema 

Our homebound, nursing home and care center members:  Marie Custer, Faye Puskaric, June Nock, Emily Moore, Gail Hankins, Carolyn Svec, Ed Gronlund

Those serving in the Military:  Seth Smith, John Anderson, Bryan Bound, Zach Lepley, Frank Coulter, Jared Booth, Joseph Puharic, Christian Painter, Chris McCall, Johnny Summers, Zach Trunzo, Tyberius Ten, William Remaley